It’s known that having leadership experience is a great quality especially to put on a resume when looking for a job or career. While academics are of course extremely important in college, what is just as equally important is how you develop over time during those 4 or more years in college.

From my leadership training in college I feel like I would be better prepared in a workplace for numerous reasons.  I am more confident in my communication skills from having to talk in front of large crowds during first year and transfer student orientations. Since I am interested in going into a field where customer service is a huge deal, I know my customer service skills are extremely top notch.

On the website, Black Enterprise: Wealth for Life, they have a list of 7 different qualities that make you more marketable in the employment world. And it turns out that one of those qualities is leadership! To see if you have any of the other 6 qualities check out their website here.