I’ve talked about how goals affect leadership, and how a common purpose within a group of leaders is important. However, there’s one thing that you need in order to enact those and that is values.



This website has a great list of values that should be held by anyone and everyone who finds themselves in a leadership position. Building trust, loyalty and respect are a few that are mentioned within the website. However, my favorite part of this website is when they mention that the base of all of your leadership values stem from how present them. To exemplify your values you must lead by example.


Essentially if you’re in a leadership position that requires a mentor like relationship with those whom you are leading the best way to get any point across to show them that you truly believe and do what you’re saying they should be doing. My best example for this how passionate I am about the use of inclusive language. I know using inclusive language takes a lot of awareness which is hard to do when talking in something that’s so habitual in our lives. But if I’m pressing the importance of inclusivity in language I should always be conscious of my word choice. That shows people that I take the time to be aware of my words so they can do the same.


As a leader it is beyond important you think about what values you’re passionate about and that you want to spread as a leader.