A common purpose; this title may seem to have an obvious definition, but like most things in life it is in fact a subjective statement. More frequently when working (with other people) in a leadership role you can find that, what each leader’s purpose is in their position varies. This is most important when working in a group.

All too often instead of leaning on fellow leaders there’s a sense of competition enacted amongst leaders. I find this to be the worst thing you can do not only as a leader but simply working within a group all together too. The best way to combat this uncomfortable tension of competition between other leaders is to establish a common purpose that the entire group can agree on. Using the tips from my previous blog about goal setting, would be a good resource to use.

At the end of the day a leader is there to make a change in something or someone they are passionate about, use this commonality between each other to set a common purpose and enhance your leadership skills.