I am very fond of making goals before beginning any sort of project or experience in order to make your outcomes more measurable. Even in working with leadership goals can be extremely helpful for the leader them self and their participants.

For example; like I’ve mentioned before, I served as a first year and transfer student orientation leader. Since I worked with two different populations of students I had to assess my goals for each group differently. For the first year students I did goals with my students every orientation session I lead. The goals could be as simple as: To have a successful academic transition from high school to college I (or we) will make sure to spend 5 hours outside of class studying. And then we could measure how successful we were in that goal by either looking at final grades at the end of a year or even just looking at the grade after the first exam.

That’s just one example of incorporating a goal setting/evaluation strategy in your leadership styles. This is effective to your participants because it makes them more aware of what they’re looking to get out of an experience. And it’s helpful to you as a leader because you can address whatever needs or concerns needed, which you’ll find out by using your goals!

A tidbit of advice for goal setting- it helps the most when you write them down, so try using a worksheet similar to the one below to help organize your goals!  And you can format the worksheets to fit whatever you need!