For those who haven’t served in the role of being a student leader or been supervised in some way by a student leader it can be hard to see why they are so important to a college campus. Compared to being mentored or supervised by someone who’s further from your age, student leaders have a much better ability to relate to other students. They are able to lend more relevant advice when it comes to school and or building relationships in college. Even something as simple as where’s a good place to eat is different coming from a collegiate leader than an older person.

Another super important part of having student leaders is for starters- college is all about the students. Student leaders can advocate to a university board about what’s important to them and other students. For collegiate leadership is all about being relatable.

And finally, in general it’s a great attribution for students to learn about leadership skills and qualities before entering the work force. Those kinds of skills can make any recent college grad more marketable.