In some cases being a student leader will also include you having to delegate work to other, similarily to a peer supervisor role. When you’re in a peer supervisor role it can be easy to find yourself talking down to your staff which is not the right thing to do because at the end of the day they are also your peers and maybe even friends.

At the end of the peer supervisor role is a good time to learn what better ways you can become a more effective leader. While this is also beneficial to your leadership skills, it can also be hard taking feedback or criticism especially from peers. When receiving feedback (mostly negative) it’s easy to put up a guard and become defensive. In my opinion the best way to handle those situations is to always listen first to what your reviewer is saying, and don’t interrupt them. Once they are finished make sure you thank them for their feedback (taking feedback can be just as hard as giving it) then you can proceed to explain why you did something a certain way, etc. Mutual understanding between the giver and the receiver makes things a lot more comfortable for both parties.

Here is more advice on ways to take criticism, practice them as soon as you get the chance.