I think it takes a strong leader (and public speaker) to inspire people to take the initiative to become a leader! I can think of the person who helped me shape the leader I want to be (shout out to Zach Mercurio) and I hope that up and coming leaders can find their inspirations too.

I couple weekends back I attended a leadership conference and met this really awesome speaker, his name is James T. Robilotta. He’s is an amazing people person with an outgoing personality and a real knack of helping build leaders! His style of public speaking is fresh, and lively. When he speaks you actually want to listen! He’s obviously passionate about what he does and of course about leadership, which is incredibly infectious. As of lately when I’m facilitating my leadership sessions I try and think about how I’m delivering my message so that my audience will thrive to reach the next level of leadership.

Since I brag about how great James is, I’ll link you all to his page so now you can see for yourself!

Click here to go to James’s website!