In college there are so many extracurricular activities to get involved in. My College Calendar is a great site to help understand why it’s so important to get involved in extracurricular activities!

What’s really nice about all the extracurricular’s in college is that you can start off with a basic position in an organization and work your way up to a leadership role. For example, when joining a Greek organization you are able to pledge, become a new member and potentially hold roles as a new member. Leadership roles can be in a variety of different ways going back to the example of a Greek organization, you could start of being in charge of planning events for your chapter, a smaller role; or you could even become president of your chapter, which is obviously a bigger leadership role.

Another example if you’re not interested in Greek life, school clubs also have a lot of positions to offer you when leadership is necessary. Most clubs have a president, and usually a secretary or treasurer. Don’t limit yourself to exploring your leadership potential because of the club or organization, really look to see what’s out there and find something you are passionate about.

Definitely take advantage of all the clubs and organizations your school has to offer, most universities have some sort of office that has a list of all the organizations at your institution.