Everyone leads in their own way, however; there are still some key necessities that a leader must poses. But what makes college so much different than any other type of schooling is: the fact that people of such diverse backgrounds are threw onto one campus. People of different classes, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation and more are all able to interact for a common goal. However with so much diversity, it’s critical to be aware and understanding of how people’s diversity affects their reaction.

A common term used for this awareness of diversity is, inclusivity. Unless you were taught this as a young child, being inclusive and using inclusive terms can be a challenge to acclimate into your lifestyle. This was personally a tough but such rewarding lifestyle I adapted to when becoming a leader.

Majority of folks are not even aware how exclusive their words can be until they stop and think about it. For example: how many times have you said, policeman? Well that’s an example of not being inclusive; instead of policeman you would say police officer. We could even go as far as to say the term snowman isn’t inclusive either and instead say snow-person. And then there are the more common terms that people choose to use knowing very well how offensive and exclusive they are like, “retarded” or “gay.”  When you serve in the role of a leader you have a big responsibility to make sure that you are creating a safe and inclusive environment for your followers.


Attached is a link to a page that has tips on what it means to be inclusive and especially on how creating an inclusive environment can make you a better leader