If you read my about me, you know I am very involved. The biggest benefit I’ve gained through all my involvements in my college career so far is the ability to lead with confidence. I truly believe every person has the ability to become the leader they want. College has become the best base for learning and putting my leadership skills to use. I have been lucky enough to serve as an Orientation Leader for Colorado State University which is when and where I officially felt like I became a leader I never knew I had the capability of being.

This year has been an exciting one for me as a leader. I was elected as Vice President of Membership Development for the Panhellenic Conference at CSU. My job is to make sure that all 9 sorority chapters on campus are helping their members grow all four years of their membership. I can honestly say this has been the biggest testament of my leading ability. And I am looking forward to how it helps me grow even more as a leader.

It is with this blog that I am choosing to share my continuous growth as a leader. I also hope to inspire others to become leaders by giving advice and sharing the tools necessary to help others realize their leadership potential.